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Project lead, England:
Prof. Christopher Dowrick, BA, MSc, MD, CQSW, FRCGP, FFPHM
Professor of Primary Medical Care
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Research assistant:
Katja Gravenhorst, BA, MSc
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Lucy Cooper, BSc, PGCert, MSc
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The University of Liverpool is a member of the Russell Group, which comprises the UK's leading research universities. It has a major programme of investment in its unique combination of research expertise in Medical, Veterinary, Bio-Science, and Tropical Medicine, with £200m invested in infrastructure and state of the art facilities. The University employs over 1300 leading researchers, 680 research staff and 2860 research support staff, currently working on over 2000 research projects, and has 1480 registered postgraduate research students. The University of Liverpool has been voted the second best place for post-doctoral researchers to work outside of the USA, and is ranked fifth in the UK for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

The RESTORE team in Liverpool is led by Professor Christopher Dowrick, who is an experienced general practitioner and has an international portfolio of research into mental health in primary care and community settings. He led the Outcomes of Depression International network (ODIN) funded by the EU Biomed 2 programme, which has produced 27 peer-reviewed research publications. He currently leads the AMP programme, funded by the English National Institute for Health Research, to increase equity of access to high quality mental health services through primary care. This involves a focus on migrant service users. The Liverpool team will participate actively in all aspects of the RESTORE programme, and will take responsibility for WP 5 'Collective Action'.

Migrant Health

Chris Dowrick's expertise in relation to the mental health of migrants includes both theoretical and applied components. He has extensively examined cross-cultural understandings of mental health, in the particular context of problems generated by attempts to universalise western concepts of depression. He has undertaken applied research in Australia and the UK. In Australia his work with the cross-cultural Re-Order programme involved analysis of the interaction between recent asylum seekers and primary health care, and generated awareness of a 'tremendous collision' between two fundamentally different cultural constructs, migrant's experience of intense social, political and cultural loss and primary care's attempts to portray such problems in individualised terms. In the UK, his leadership of the NIHR-funded AMP programme to increase equity of access to high quality mental health services in primary care has led to the creation of a new model of healthcare being applied to migrant health: this involves simultaneous action at the levels of community engagement, primary care quality, and culturally-sensitised psychosocial interventions.

Selected recent publications:

  • Dowrick C, Leydon G. Howe A, Burgess H, Clarke P, Maisey S, Kendrick T. Patients' and doctors' views on depression severity questionnaires incentivized in the UK quality and outcomes framework: a qualitative study. British Medical Journal, 2009; 338:b663. doi:10.1136/bmj.b663
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  • Murray E, Treweek S, Pope C, MacFarlane A, Ballini L, Dowrick C, Finch T, Kennedy A, Mair F, O’Donnell K, Ong B, Rapley T, Rogers A, May C. Complex interventions: filling in the MRC Framework. BMC Medicine, 2010; 8:63.

Katja Gravenhorst (BA, MSc) is a social anthropologist who has carried out ethnographic research in a variety of settings both in the UK and abroad. Her previous research drew on the anthropology of childhood and youth, ethnographically exploring drinking among teenagers in Denmark and the value of primary schooling in everyday life and in the life course among villagers in rural Guatemala. Since arriving in Liverpool she has been involved in several multidisciplinary qualitative research projects focusing on communication in healthcare settings including research on relationships between parents and healthcare professionals in paediatric oncology and ethnographic research among receptionists in primary care as part of the AMP programme.

Lucy Cooper (BSc, PGCert, MSc) has a psychology and mental health background and has carried out qualitative research in a variety of settings within the UK. Her previous research included; exploring experiences and preferences for care with elderly people living alone with terminal cancer across the North West of England. She has been a researcher in an EU funded project that explored both clinical influences on antibiotic prescribing decisions for lower respiratory tract infection and patients' interpretations of antibiotic resistance and the implications for containment strategies across nine countries. More recently she explored longitudinally the concept of Health as a Resource for Living in the experiences of those living with long term physical and mental health conditions. She will be working on the RESTORE project for 2 days a week until February 2014 as cover for Katja Gravenhorst whilst she is away on maternity leave.

Selected publications:

  • Byrne-Davis LMT, Salmon P, Gravenhorst K, Eden TOB, Young B. Balancing High Accrual and Ethical Recruitment in Paediatric Oncology: A Qualitative Study of the 'Look and Feel' of Clinical Trial Discussions. BMC Medical Research Methodology 10:2010.
  • Salmon P, Hill J, Ward J, Gravenhorst K, Eden T, Young B. Faith and Protection: The Construction of Hope by Parents of Children with Leukemia and Their Oncologists. Oncologist17 (3), 2012; 398-404.
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