Project Details

Project number: 257258

Project acronym: RESTORE

Project title: REsearch into implementation STrategies to support patients of different ORigins and language background in a variety of European primary care settings

Starting date: 01/04/2011

Duration in months: 48

Activity code most relevant to the topic: HEALTH.2010.3.1-1: Better understanding of dissemination and implementation strategies. FP7-HEALTH-2010-two-stage

Free keywords: implementation science, normalisation process theory, participatory research strategies, migrant health

Work packages

The overall strategy of our work plan involves eight work packages (WPs), which focuses on different issues:

WP1: Management and Admin
This WP focuses on the management structure of RESTORE at 3 levels:

  • the interaction between the co-ordinator an the EU Commission
  • the overall co-ordination and management at the Steering Committee level
  • the work package management at the WP level

WP2: Training
The objective of this WP ist to train consortium partners and researchers about NPT and in PLA approaches and techniques.

WP3: Coherence
The objective of this WP is to determine with stakeholders how they conceptualise guidelines and/or training initiatives designed to support communication in cross-cultural consultations in terms of the role, content and applicability of these guidelines and/or training initiatives in their everyday work settings.

WP4: Cognitive Participation
The objective of this WP is to determine with relevant stakeholders: what factors promote or inhibite their engagement with the training interventions and/or guidelines identified in WP3?

WP5: Collective Action
The objective of this WP is to determine with participants: how will the intervention which they have co-designed and 'signed up' for (during WP3 and WP4) affect their routine work?

WP6: Reflexive Monitoring
The objective of this WP is to determine with participants: how do they perceive the intervention once they have been using it for some time?

WP7: Policy Analysis & Guidelines
The objective of this WP is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of policy issues in RESTORE and to formulate new EU policy guidance.

WP8: Dissemination
The objective of this WP is to promote wide and effective public knowledge of RESTORE and, also, the potential commercial exploitation of the project's results.

Timing of work packages and their components: GANTTChart


International Advisory Board


Dr Santino Severoni
Head of WHO Country Office, Tajikistan
World Health Organization

Dr Piroska Östlin
Programme Manager Vulnerability & Health Programme
Division of Policy and Governance for Health and Well-being
World Health Organization

Roumyana Petrova-Benedict
Senior Migration Health Manager
International Organization for Migration, Brussels

Professor Nigel Mathers
Professor of Primary Medical Care and Head of Academic Unit of Primary Medical Care
The University of Sheffield

Dr Alexander Bischoff, PhD, MPH, RN
Institute of Nursing Science
Faculty of Medicine
University of Basel

Professor Carl May PhD AcSS
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Southampton


Data Monitoring Committee 


Professor Anne Rogers
Professor Of The Sociology Of Health Care, Npcrdc
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Southampton

Professor Frank M Sullivan
Head Of Population Health Sciences
School of Medicine
University of Dundee

Professor Igor Svab,
University of Ljubljana,

RESTORE-Consortium Representatives for Data Monitoring Committee - Meetings

Professor Christopher Dowrick
Professor of Primary Medical Care
University of Liverpool

Tomas de Brún, MPhil, M.Th, BA.Th
Senior Researcher
Discipline of General Practice,
School of Medicine,
National University of Ireland Galway (NUI G)